Perry Litchfield

Founding Partner
Perry D. Litchfield, Esq., has extensive expertise in civil law and over 30 years experience in complex litigation.



Bay Area Litigation Experts

The Litchfield Law Group provides exceptional legal services based on the exacting standards of founder Perry D. Litchfield, who has cultivated a reputation in legal, business, and philanthropic circles for his expertise and unwavering dedication to helping others.

Maintaining a Reputation for Excellence

At Litchfield Law Group, we emphasize excellent client care, efficiency in our work, attention to detail, and above all, the skillful practice of law. Our respective backgrounds are diverse and include real estate, personal injury, estate planning, construction defect, class action, intellectual property, tax, business matters, and healthcare, among others. Bringing these varied proficiencies under one banner, we aim to provide a full-service law firm, complete with a capable and motivated team of legal professionals. From multi-million dollar real estate transactions and personal injury judgments to complex building permit disputes and business entity formation, our collective experience uniquely qualifies us to handle even the most complex legal matters.

LLG is also a dedicated supporter of several charitable causes. Most recently, we donated a classic car to the Good Tidings Foundation for their 2014 charity auction. This classic 1974 VW Karman Ghia sold at the Good Tidings charity auction at the end of 2014 and all proceeds went to benefit the charity.

Litchfield Law Group

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