Perry D. Litchfield, Esq.

Perry D. Litchfield, Esq.

A lifetime of hard work, a sterling record of philanthropy and service to others, a passion for life, a restless hunger for new ideas and ventures, a proven track record of empathy and help to those less fortunate – all these things make up the many facets of San Rafael attorney Perry Litchfield. And fun, too – the San Francisco Giants have invited Litchfield to throw out the first pitch at some of their games as a tribute to his many charitable contributions in the Bay Area.

His expertise as an effective mediator was forged through real-life drama and highly publicized legal work. Fresh out of USF Law School, Litchfield witnessed firsthand the 1982 "100 Year Storm" that ravaged, submerged, and damaged many parts of his native Marin County. Litchfield, representing the owners of a completely demolished home in Novato, was one of the first attorneys to convince the Appellate Courts to confirm the existence of insurance coverage for loss due to catastrophic natural disaster. Four years later, in a landmark case, Litchfield represented the family of a crew member of the fishing vessel, Jack Jr, which was crushed by a tanker, the S/S Golden Gate, off the coast of Point Reyes, resulting in the tragic loss of three lives. The successful litigation resulted in more stringent guidelines for seagoing vessels.

“I like variety in my life,” says Litchfield, “and the breadth of experience I have accrued is a definite asset when dealing with the many facets of mediation.  As President and CEO of Resolution Remedies, I am proud to say that we have assembled a strong panel of extremely well qualified prominent attorneys and retired judges whose versatility and expertise bring great solace to those in need.  I bring a wealth of business acumen to this service, as well as my over 30 years in the law, so my familiarity with complex financial entanglements brings relief to clients struggling their way toward resolution.”

The likeable Litchfield is the son of the late Whitey Litchfield, a true-blue Marin character whose legendary Bermuda Palms resort in San Rafael was the playground for out-of-town Hollywood stars like Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, and Robert Mitchum.  Litchfield’s son, Charles, a USC Law graduate, works for the family business and has helped shape Resolution Remedies’ resolve to grow as a substantial force in the mediation world.


Mr. Litchfield has experience in civil litigation, including but not limited to, construction, real estate, insurance coverage, business and commercial matters, maritime law, personal injury, land use and municipal law. Mr. Litchfield draws on his expertise as a licensed General Contractor, Real Estate Broker, university certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, and attorney to identify complex issues in construction and real estate cases.  He has served as a court appointed Special Referee, Settlement Conference Panelist, and Judge Pro-Tem for the Marin County Superior Court on many occasions.

He was trained at Harvard Law School in negotiation and mediation and has a certificate from Harvard in mediation.


Member, Marin County and San Francisco Bar Associations; Member, Marin Builders' Association; Association for Conflict Resolution; and Marin Association of Realtors


J.D., University of San Francisco School of Law, 1981
B.A., San Jose State University, 1977